New features and updates are continuously becoming available!!!

The only thing constant with technology is change. Today’s top-of-the-line solution can be obsolete in no time. To keep pace with the latest tools and standards, businesses must regularly upgrade the solutions being used. We have made 100+ upgrades of Microsoft solutions so far. With Mindquad, every change is a good change.


Know your Microsoft Dynamics environment Make sure your IT infrastructure supports the upgrades Perform a test upgrade Include users in the testing process Schedule the live upgrade when you have ample time to complete it.

We’ll Upgrade You to The Latest Version Of:

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2012 to AX 7
Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION 3.7 to 2017
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to 2016

1. Know Your Microsoft dynamics Environment:

Which Microsoft dynamics Modules are installed and in use – Some modules will require special steps during the upgrade.

Are you using any 3rd party (ISV) products – these will need to be installed and upgraded separately.

Do you have any customizations or integrations with Microsoft dynamics – these will need special attention and possible modification as part of the upgrade process.

Do you have modified or custom reports – these may also need to be modified as part of the upgrade.

2. Make sure your IT infrastructure supports the new version of Dynamics Microsoft dynamics:

You can acquire a list of System Requirements that provide a detail list of what is compatible with the new version of Dynamics Microsoft dynamics.

3. Perform a test upgrade:

Completing a Test upgrade is recommended by Microsoft, and is an especially good idea if you have customizations, integrations, 3rd party products, or custom reports. Performing a test upgrade will allow you to identify and address any unforeseen issues that may come up. This will eliminate the downtime that the issues would have otherwise caused.

4. Include users in the testing process:

Whether you are testing the validity of the test upgrade or the live upgrade, the actual Microsoft dynamics users need to be included in the testing. It is easy for consultants and managers to compare reports before and after an upgrade (which by the way is a must), but the users will be able to complete the real stress testing of simulated daily use of Microsoft dynamics.

5. Schedule the live upgrade when you have ample time to complete it:

Example, if you estimate it will take no. of hours to complete the upgrade, plan to be down for 20, and give yourself ample time to complete some final validity testing.