"Help your business grow, evolve, and transform"

Dynamics 365, as the name suggests, is a next generation business application that brings the combined power of an ERP and CRM to intelligently speed-up business operations. This purpose-built tool brings actionable insights through artificial intelligence that result in optimum output of any business organization. The modern union on a single platform facilitates management of customer service and marketing along with daily operations of management transactions and processes. The two modalities allow both medium-sized and large companies to upkeep with digital revolution by facilitating workflow between different areas and simplifying management of data between applications.

Why Dynamics 365 ?

Seven different features infused together to create Dynamics 365 make the solution flexible, scalable and integrated. You can use either or all of them as your needs change and business grows.

  • Finance & Operation
  • Sales
  • Retail
  • Talent
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation

This dynamic modern tool is user friendly familiar.Office 365 is a commonly used tool and the interface of Dynamics 365 can be quickly learned and taught.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud-based business management platform brings in several additional benefits.

Mobile App accessibility for work-on-the-go.

The software updates and upgrades automatically.

Large volume of data, advanced analysis.

Reduces hardware investment and maintenance cost.

The on premise cloud solution is great for business models that need to control data, data residency and data isolation. While the Operations model is for businesses that use a local server, Hybrid solution is helpful if your business information fluctuates and the dependency on speed and connectivity is high to ensure operational continuity.

For a complete list of the features and functionality of Dynamics 365, download the Product Functionality and Capabilities Guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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