"Analytics and business intelligence help you define and accomplish transformational goals"

Power BI is a combination of software services, connectors, applications that work in synchronization to transform your unrelated data into relevant, self-explanatory and interactive insights. It is a robust, enterprise-grade solution capable of substantial modelling and real-time analytics for customized development. The online SaaS (Software as a Service) application eases the process of creating, sharing and consuming business insights in the most effective manner.

Why Microsoft Power BI ?

  • It integrates smoothly with your existing business environment enabling you to adopt analytics and reporting functions.
  • The customizable, informative dashboards of Power BI provide a unified user experience.
  • The automatic refresh function of data and public reports allow the users to avail latest information at all times.
  • The transformation of existing BI system to the powerful cloud-based BI eliminates any chance of memory and speed constraints ensuring quick data retrieval and analysis.
  • The intuitive functions of Power BI provide agility and analysis without the need of technical support. The natural language interface and other tools make it extremely user friendly.
  • It is an exquisite example of balance between simplicity and performance.

For a complete list of the features and functionality of Power BI, download the Product functionality, application advantages and Capabilities Guide for Microsoft Power BI.

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2. Licencing Guide

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